At Yashoda Hospitals, we have a hassle free, single stop and seamless admission procedure formulated to gift an extraordinary experience to them.

Admission Process:

  • Patient is directed to report to the reception of the hospital.
  • Front Office Executive enquires about the patient’s problem.
  • Front Office Executive refers the patient to the concerned department / doctor.
  • Patient reports there, and the assigned doctor then investigates the patient’s case history.
  • If required, patient is advised for admission in the hospital.

    If admission appears necessary, the patient is sent to the Emergency Department for initial assessment by the CMO and there he / she receives the Admission Request Form.
  • With the Admission Request Form, the patient’s attendant is referred to the Admission & Registration Counter – V.
  • Excluding the incidents of critical emergency, admission to the hospital is done once it has been recommended by one of our highly experienced specialists during the Patient’s Outpatient Consultation.

Before finalizing of patient’s admission, he / she gets counseled by the Front Office Executive in the context of the treatment package which includes:

  • An estimate of the overall medical expense.
  • Average length of stay in the hospital.
  • Various modes of payment accepted: Cash / Credit or Debit card;  Demand Draft (DD) & Personal Cheque are unacceptable modes of payment.
  • Credentials required for admission under cashless facility.
  • When the patient arrives at the ward with the coordinator, he / she is thoroughly educated by our ward staff about the premises and the facilities available there. Patient is then reassessed by the Ward RMO – this step involves taking note of the detailed medical history and advisory of tests, if necessary.
  • During the patient’s stay in the hospital, he / she will be consistently attended by a team of professional doctors incorporating medical specialists assisted by medical officers. Every care is taken in the context of patient care, treatment (conservative / surgical), meals, uniforms and post treatment recovery.
  • The daily routine in the ward comprises of a variety of activities such as ward rounds by doctors, timely medication, proper meals, visiting hours and bedtime. However, this set routine may vary owing to pre – scheduled laboratory tests, secondary treatment(s) and other procedures taking place whenever required.
  • For all sorts of diagnostic & therapeutic procedures, informed consent(s) is / are taken as per the policy of the hospital.
  • The patient’s medical records and information of their medical status are kept confidential at all times; this information is shared only with the patient and the next-of-kin.

    If the immediate family members desire to apprise themselves about the patient’s health status, they have to approach the relevant coordinator to arrange for a convenient time to get a meeting scheduled with the concerned doctor.
  • The safety and wellbeing of our patients is of utmost concern to us. Hence, an advisory in effect for our patients is to remain within the hospital premises until they are discharged by the concerned / assigned doctor.
  • A Discharge Summary Certificate is given to the patient before he / she leaves the ward. In case the patient demands a medical certificate, he / she has to inform the assigned doctor or appointed nurse in advance so that the same can be timely prepared before the patient is finally discharged.
  • The nurse is designated to hand over the duly signed Discharge Summary which, in turn, includes the advised propositions of the doctor, the follow-up treatment, routine diet plan, and prescribed medication along with other relevant documents at the time of discharge. The doctor formally signs the Discharge Sheet of the patient and afterwards the final bill (including all the expenses) is prepared by the Billing Office.
  • The patient / attendants are duly notified about all the interim bills on a daily basis.

    The patient is expected to settle all the pending bills at the time of discharge.

At Yashoda Super Speciality Hospitals, we position the all – time convenience of our patients as the topmost priority because our vision defines it all:

We put the “care” in healthcare..!

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