Omullane Management Solutions Front Office Executive Reviews by 2 Employees


Hi! Im looking forward to share, it is a good platform to built a carreer with omullane managment solution i have learnt a lot of things. And how the company was supported me by during pandemic, so the company goes through the government desicion (#stayhomestaysafe) & they have sent us to our homes, becoze company thinks dafety is more important fhan anyother.


So to be honest about the uniforms, which i dont like. About the transport service. Even we got removed from the company too early.

Work Details

It was a good journey with omullane managment solutions. Yeah i hv faced many problems in the begining, day by day i have learnt many things which gonna usefull in my carreer! So im thankfull to omullane managment solutions.

Work timings:Flexible Timings

Work related travel:This is a desk job.

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